Thinking Clearly After Roe with John Stemberger


Bay County residents are an inspiration! We had a wonderful turnout for our first event with John Stemberger.

Nancy Skates, worship leader at St. Andrew Baptist Church, inspires guests in song with “Find Us Faithful.”

John blessed each guest with a free copy of his booklet “Thinking Clearly After Roe: A Five-Part Strategy Moving Forward.” Below is a synopsis of what he shared, with quotes from his booklet.

Part 1: Care For Women And Children

The most significant change and impact of Dobbs overturning Roe is “the immediate increase in the number of abortion-minded mothers with unexpected pregnancies who will not have easy access to abortion.”

Working with pregnancy resource centers, we can help these women “decide to parent their baby or place the child for adoption. Imagine if all the resources spent to end lives through abortion policies could be rerouted toward truly supporting mothers, their babies, and families. This future for America is far more hopeful and life-giving.”

John proposed a plan for churches to “adopt” a local pregnancy resource center, which they could support throughout the year.

Part 2: Law and Public Policy

With Dobbs overturning Roe, “abortion will no longer be considered a federal “constitutional right’ and the issue will be returned to the states. Fifty state battles will continue, but with greater intensity and greater direct responsibility for the lives saved – or lost – in their states.

“It is critical for legislators to be motivated and have the courage to take political risks without being concerned about the political ramifications of abolishing abortion. We need to speak of and think about abortion as we now look back upon slavery – a shameful and unthinkable practice in a modern, civilized society.”

Part 3: Elections

“One of the many reasons we could see this historic pro-life moment with the Dobbs decision is the effort to elect pro-life candidates at every level of government.

“Groups like Susan B. Anthony List, Family Research Council Action, National Right to Life Action, and Family Policy Alliance and the network of state family policy councils have been key to helping elect these officials.

“The pro-life movement has the potential to expand and even achieve the tipping point necessary to create a more widespread and permanent culture of life,” even to left-leaning groups, such as the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU).

Part 4: Education

“The pro-life movement must continue to make it a priority to educate the public, and especially the church, regarding the science and beauty of early human development and the horror of what an abortion actually is.”

“Churches must be mission-minded on this issue – preaching, teaching and directly engaging with and supporting pregnancy centers.”

“Pro-lifers should go on the offensive with smart messaging, and lawmakers in every state must be equipped with the pro-life messaging and talking points to engage the media.”

Direct Action

“Other than the pregnancy centers, those involved with direct action outside of abortion clinics, such as 40 Days for Life, are some of the great unsung heroes of the pro-life movement.

Much More

John delved into the legal workings within our state, enlightening many of us regarding how blessed we are with our leadership in all branches of government.

Thank You!

Thank you, John, and all the Bay Community Events staff and volunteers who helped make this inspirational, informative event possible!

Original Event Announcement

This is the moment many of us have worked for our entire lives. But we must realize that this is not the end of the battle. It is simply the beginning.

John presents an imperfect battle plan of love, service, and national strategy for moving forward in a post-Roe world. This plan reveals how to create a world where we love children and not kill them. A strategy to create a society that looks back on the practice of abortion like we look back on slavery, with shame and disgust.

Together we will end abortion in America and create a culture of life and love for women and their children.

Free admission. Ticket required due to limited seating. Light refreshments served. 

Speaker: John Stemberger, President & General Counsel for Florida Family Policy Council and Florida Family Action 

This is a private event. To register, contact Bay Community Events.

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