About Bay Community Events

"You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." (John 8:32)

We live in a fallen world, but not one without hope. At Bay Community Events, we inspire our area by hosting events that share American values and Biblical truths. Together, we can reach our community with the truth. 


          Pam Anderson moved to Florida when she was 11, where her father, a U.S. Air Force pilot, trained pilots in the Sarasota area.

Pam met Ken Anderson in college, and soon married into a family legacy of deep sea fishing, dinner boat cruises, Shell Island sightseeing tours, and dolphin encounters. She worked nights as a registered nurse when they moved to Panama City in 1973. She soon realized that if she ever wanted to see her husband, she would need to go into the boating industry.

She did, and is now the public face of Captain Anderson’s Marina, the granddaddy of Panama City Beach marinas. Pam now advocates for the fishing industry, addressing groups about fishing regulations. She also spoke to the Senate subcommittee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship about the impact of Red Snapper regulations on charter businesses.

While fighting to preserve charter fishing and the long-term health of the Gulf fisheries, God started tugging at Pam’s heart to reach out to her community as a fisher of men. In 1983, Pam’s family started Gospel Music Dinner Cruises to share the Gospel through music, offering them over the next 30 years. Ten years ago, they started Bethlehem Christmas Village, an annual event at Captain Anderson’s Marina.

Pam attended a conference in Washington, DC, where she learned how to form a Culture Impact Team to be ‘salt and light’ in her church and community. God used Pam’s experience to inspire her to form Bay Community Events, a non-profit organization dedicated to “Community Reach through Biblical Truth.”

                                Pam Anderson speaking at Bay County Republican Women’s luncheon, August 17, 2022.