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Meeke Addison, Spokesperson for American Family Association

In these present times of unrest and uncertainty, there is a growing awareness that our nation is in decline and in need of repair. Meeke Addison gave attendees a historical, biblical perspective of how our moral decline began, and how the truth of God’s Word will set us free.

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When Galatian believers tried to add to the gospel, the apostle Paul sternly reminded them that the gospel is complete.

Today, Christians face yet another threat to the gospel; it’s called Critical Race Theory.

In every generation, faithful Christians have fought to preserve the truth.

In this presentation, Meeke Addison reveals how the pernicious philosophy of Critical Race Theory is infiltrating the Church and calling into question the authority of God’s Word and even the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice.

We must do what Christians in every generation have done. We must “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • The origins and beliefs of Critical Race Theory
  • The dangers of submitting to the beliefs of Critical Race Theory
  • How Christians should respond to Critical Race Theory inside and outside the church walls

About Meeke Addison:

Meeke Addison is assistant director of special initiatives for American Family Association and co-host of the radio/podcast program Airing the Addisons on American Family Radio. Before coming to AFA, Meeke served as a nationally appointed missionary to America’s colleges and universities. Meeke and her husband, Wil, home educate their six children.